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Date: Nov 17, 2020

Location: Xinyi Dist., Taipei City, TW, 11071

Company: Ansys

In this two-month internship period, Mr. Tung-Huan (Michael) Su, will have two main tasks to help our research and developments in multiscale material modeling. The details of tasks are described in the following.


  1. For the first month, he will enhance the interface design between Moldex3D and LS-DYNA for short-fiber composite analysis.


Michael used to work for Moldex3D as a code developer. He is familiar with Modlex3D analysis features. He will be able to improve the current interface design of LS-Dyna in linking the Modlex3D inject molding results for our multiscale analysis. Specific tasks in this month include 

    1. Understand the current interface in LS-Pre/Post.  
    2. Understand the work flow of LS-DYNA multiscale modeling. Help analyze the data generated from the off-line training.
    3. Conduct and report case study using Moldex3D’s injection modeling result for LS-DYNA multiscale analysis.
    4. Provide comments and suggestions for the improvement of current interface design. 


  1. For the second month, he will conduct the study on polycrystalline materials using the reduced-order technique. 


Michael specializes in reduce-order modeling (ROM) for polycrystalline materials. He will investigate a ROM technique originally developed by Prof. M. Ortiz from Cal Tech. for aluminum alloy in cold forging application. Specific tasks include

    1. Investigate the theory of Ortiz’s ROM.
    2. Conduct the literature review and present the review result.
    3. Derive a new formulation based on 2.1.
    4. Code the new formulation if time is allowed.